Ken Shinohara
Ken Shinohara1

English Name

Ken Shinohara


篠原 軒



First Appearance

Chapter 6.5: Omake


Shinnosuke (father)

Rin (mother)

Ten (youngest brother)

En (second youngest brother)

An (elder brother)

Ken Shinohara is the second oldest brother. According to Ten, Ken dotes on En when he's cross-dressing. Ken cooks his family's lunches. He has a sharp tongue. Ken's order of preference is cross-dressed En > girls > normally dressed En. Although Ken is not interested cross-dressing, when he does his appearance is similar to a cross-dressed En [1].


  • He inherits his sharp tongue from Rin [2].
  • It is joked that Ken has a mother complex after Shinnosuke commented on En resembling Rin when she was younger, which may have caused Ken's infatuation with En [3].
  • Ken is cooking buddies with Hinata Saotome's father.



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