Kojirou Amakusa

Kojirou Amakura is a tall gluestick who is Komachi's childhood friend and is currently dating her. He likes to pretend he's a carrot. 


Kojirou has long hair and is very tall. He was once shorter than Komachi but had a sudden growth spurt when he was in middle school. He is a year younger than Komachi and the main characters. 


Kojirou and Komachi were childhood friends. He would challange Komachi to a fight everyday when they were in middle school but he never won. One day, Komachi lost to him on purpose and he was hurt by it. He became sick after that match and when he met Komachi again, he had grow very tall.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Kojirou in Sword Fighter Komachi is based off Kojirou Amakusa. 
  • Kojirou wears samurai clothing and talks in olden day speech.
  • Kojirou is named after Komura Ayumi's pet.
  • Kojirou scatters petals or leaves depending on the season.
  • Taiyou Saotome and Kojirou are friends.