Naota Takanashi

English name

Naota Takanashi

First Appearance

Chapter 1


High School student






Voiced by

Hikaru Midorikawa (VOMIC)

 Naota is En's only close male friend.  


Naota has a blunt personality and often times he would tease Hinata or En or even his other friends. His claims that his preference for women are older women and women with big breasts. He is a sadist. 


Shinohara En

Although he likes to tease En, he worries about En and wants to make sure En isn't dating anyone weird. 

Kojima Reina

She is an upper-classman turned classmate because she had to repeat a year in high school(due to the author's obssession with time loops). She was the one of made Naota realize things that most of his friends fail to notice and actually fell in love with her. She is currently Naota's girlfriend


He is Reina's pet cat? that looks like a tiger. Naota sees him as a little rival who protects Reina. He usually gets bitten or scratched by Rawr causing him to end up bloody or wounded whenever he attacks. Naota concludes that although Rawr may have warmed up to him a little he still acts cold to him, thus calling him a tsundere. 

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