Rin Shinohara
Rin Shinohara1

English Name

Rin Shinohara


篠原 琳



First Appearance

Chapter 25


Shinnosuke (husband)

Ten (youngest son)

En (third oldest son)

Ken (second oldest son)

An (oldest son)

Rin Shinohara is En's mother who works abroad. She is a beautiful woman, but has a harsh personality. Although she is deeply in love with her husband, Shinnosuke, she is frustrated with his womanizing character. She is initially upset with En's cross-dressing habit, but later accepts it when En proves his dedication to Hinata.


  • En and Ten take after their mother [1].
  • Rin got pregnant while in Italy and gave birth to a daughter whom En really cherishes so much that he even forgot his anniversary with Hinata.


  1. Chapter 26, pg. 27
    2.Chapter 91 Page 11

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