Ten Shinohara
Ten Shinohara1

English Name

Ten Shinohara


篠原 展





First Appearance

Chapter 6.5: Omake


Shinnosuke (father)

Rin (mother)

En (third eldest brother)

Ken (second eldest brother)

An (eldest brother)

Ten Shinohara is the youngest brother. Hinata thinks he is as cute as a girl even with out cross-dressing. Ten likes boys, according to him it could be said that he made a dramatic realization after his older brother, En, started cross-dressing. He feels that his brother's hobby is really regretful. He is in agreement that En looks much better dressed like a guy. In chapter nine during the Christmas party, he and Hinata tried to strip En. Hinata cross-dressing is Ten's ideal man. Ten likes Taiyou, Hinata's younger brother.

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